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     National Geographic: 20 million tons of TNT also can not "kn 
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    Новое сообщение National Geographic: 20 million tons of TNT also can not "kn
    The idea of mastering the power of nature is always attractive to people, especially scientists in the world. Every year, the hurricane season, humans were "reminded" about the appalling destructive power of nature, and that the more motivated people to find a solution.

    2017, the United States repeatedly exposed to the super cyclone record as super typhoon or super typhoon Irma Harvey ... Now they are faced with Hurricane Florence with enormous destructive power. Xnxx Videos
    National Geographic: 20 million tons of TNT also can not completely defeat a storm - Photo 1.
    Source: Storm Shield App.

    With fears that the storm will cause severe damage to life and property, many people around the world have urged their government to take measures to "preemptively" against the storm. Page National Geographic published an article about the idea of "killing storm" failed in the scientific community.

    Proposed "to use nuclear weapons kill storm" of American scientists

    In the US, more than 60 years ago, meteorologist Jack W. Reed constitutional design use nuclear bombs to "hit" directly into the storm, but his ideas have never been applied.

    According Oceanic Administration and the US National Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it was "bad idea". However, because today many people still wonder about Reed's proposal, should NOAA maintains a separate website to explain this problem.

    Of course at the time of Reed, the government agencies and scientists had also seriously considered a nuclear solution.

    In a speech at the National Press article dated 11/10/1961 Club, Francis W. Riechelderfer, head of the American Meteorological Agency, said the agency is also considering using nuclear bombs to disperse the storm at sea .

    That same year, the people in Texas also questions about the idea of "bombings kill storm" after the state suffered a level 5 hurricane, causing damage over $ 2 billion.

    Recent article in the Daily News Longview (Texas) posed the question: "Is the storm Carla can be defeated, change the power, or change the direction of a nuclear bomb it?"

    At that time, the US has successfully created the H-bomb with explosive power of 1,000 nuclear bombs ever destroyed Hiroshima, Japan. Therefore, many have questioned whether large destructive power that can be used to destroy the big storm or not.

    Meteorologist Jack Reed came up with ideas on the study of atmospheric effects after the first H-bomb testing in the US. The explosion created a column of gas 32 kilometers high in the atmosphere over. Teen porn

    had an opportunity to present their research at a number of forums such as the symposium in 1959 on the program Plowshare - an initiative of the government to promote the use "peaceful" nuclear weapons in areas such as science and industry.

    In the report, Mr. Reed said that could use a submarine to determine the eye of the storm, and then one or more nuclear missiles will be fired at the area of the storm.

    Do eye warmer than 10 degrees with the outer edge, so Reed said nuclear explosion in center of the storm will be swept under a large amount of hot air from the center of the storm into the stratosphere.

    Moreover, the heat radiating from the explosion causes the gas in the center of the storm rising hot air in the eye of the storm. While cold air will spill outside edge inwards and potentially reduce weaken or even stop the storm.

    According to his calculations Reed, an explosion equivalent to 20 million tons of TNT is capable of causing a storm with winds of over 185 km / h slow down to about 90 km / h, but can not suppress hurricane completed whole.

    National Geographic: 20 million tons of TNT also can not completely defeat a storm - Photo 2.
    A nuclear bomb explosion in 1971. Source: Supplied.

    Ideas Impossible

    But Reed's idea will not receive a response from the government agencies. The first reason is this study will be very expensive in terms of cost - each test nuclear weapons can cost several million dollars to the government.

    In addition, many US government officials also expressed concern that the tests "bombings kill storm" This is not consistent with the policy of termination of nuclear tests by the government.

    As for the experts on nuclear weapons, this is an idea "crazy". According to NOAA, fallout from nuclear explosions in the atmosphere will cause serious consequences in the long run for the environment.

    One thing is quite certain, according to NOAA's Reed proposed would not be effective. The biggest obstacle is the energy needed to influence a storm.

    Moreover, according to data published by NASA in 2006, an average level storm can produce energy equivalent of 10,000 US nuclear bomb ever Hiroshima.

    Thus, in order to weaken a hurricane into a Category 2 hurricane 5, people will need to throw enough bombs to generate 500 million tons of heavy air mass in the center of the storm with a diameter of about 40 km. It is impossible, according to NOAA.

    Today, the TUO

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